How are you feeling right now?

Aug 6, 2020

For most of us the last few months have been a challenge. The Coronovirus has thrown everything up in the air and it looks as if we’re in it for the long haul. Maybe you’ve been feeling disbelief that this is happening , anger at the government for not managing things better and despair about how you’re going to get through this. The good news is that this is normal. It’s better to accept these thoughts and feelings and know that they’ll pass. The more you try and suppress them the harder they’ll bounce back. It’s a bit like trying to keep an inflatable beach ball under the surface of the water, the harder you push it down, the higher it’ll bounce up but if you just let it bob about on the surface everything will be calmer.

All the feelings we’re experiencing are part of a normal response to change, from shock-‘ I can’t believe this is happening!’ to anger- ‘this really isn’t fair!’, to making bargains-‘if I do x then y won’t happen’ to depression-‘ there’s no point in even trying’ and finally to acceptance and problem solving‘ I might as well make the best of it’ ,‘ what can I do to help make the future better’. Any of this sound familiar to how things have been for you in the last few months?

Usually it’s easy to pretend that we’re in control of what happens to us but  we’ve all been brought face to face with the reality that there’s a lot outside our control. While we may feel helpless in the face of this, understanding our thoughts and feelings, knowing that we have a choice in how we respond and planing for the things we do have control over can help, as it’s not what happens to us that matters most but how we repond. 

This MP3 will help, listen for 5 minutes each evening, you’ll feel more positive and your days will get better and better.

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